Facility Management

We offer comprehensive maintenance service tailored to each building needs

Complex maintenance services we do provide:

1. Implementation of 24h, all year round security.

2. Key holding and owners administrative support.

3. Cleaning of the common areas.

4. Payment of expenses for utilities and heating of the common premises .

5. Maintenance of the Spa areas, sport facilities, garden and fencing.

6. Maintenance of other common parts of the building as per contract.

7. Control, maintenance and exploitation of all machines.

8. Snow clearance, Gritting/salting icy pathways and entrances.

9. Emergency support.

10. Comunal door and gate locks installation and repairs.

11. Emergency lighting maintenance.

12. Desinfection works, pest and vermil controls.

13. Receiving and forwarding mail.

14. Employment of auxiliary servicing personnel when neccesary.

15. In house, aditional individual property services, available to all onwers.

Other maintenace works:

1. First line maintence (preventive works and proper use of all machines).

2. Painting of some common areas (external woodwork, internal walls).

3. External pavements and small road works.

4. Annual service of all machines (heating boilres, pumps, ventilation, etc).

5. Reapirs of the façade of the building (stone or wood works).

6. Phone, internet and cable TV installation.

7. Building managers and owners reports.

8. Purchace of plants and flowers with pots for common areas.

9. Adress Health and Safety issues and make the necessary upgrades/changes in order the common areas of the complex to be safe to us.

10. Organise an efficient operation of all machines and systems.

11. Technical maintenace of fire and ventilation systems, water pipes and elctric wires.

12. Sewage installations and drain systems.

13. Roof, roof drains and lighting arresters.

14. Complex insurace for all perils except public liability and theft.

15. Complex insurace for public liability.

16. Complex insurace for theft.

17. Carrying out building work over value 200 euro.

18. Repairs of all common areas affected by flood or other perils (walls, ingress, desinfection, painting, pums, electric pars, engines, etc, etc).

19. Ground and pipe works to protect and the complex of future potential floods.

20. Liaising with the municipality, and sorting paperwork and licenses.

The management contract:

After meeting and assesing your building, we will prepare a report and offer a contract with adjustments to fit your building needs.

Maintenace fees:

Maintence fees varies depending number apartments, size of common areas, facilities.

If interested in facility management service for your building, and you are a memeber of the Owner’s Comittee in the building or have a legal right to represent the building, please contact us to discuss details.

Email: office@pgbansko.com


+359 899 178 644 Cristian Zarnescu (English, Romanian)

+359 894 585 226 Maria Granzova (Bulgarian, English, Russian)

+359 894 585 226 Anya Konopleva (Russian, English)