Banks in Bansko

When buying a property it is helpful to already have a bank account in Bulgaria. This can be used during the purchase process to send your funds to so they are ready for the completion date but also afterwards as a property owner here it will be better for you regarding paying bills and taxes etc.

Bank accounts here have very reasonable charges and can be opened by showing your passport as identification.

Be warned! There will be quite a bit of paperwork and signing but once its done that’s it. Your bank account is ready to use.

You can choose if you want a cash card, card for online use and/or internet banking so you can keep an eye on it wherever you are and can also make direct transfers online.

Below is a list of the banks in Bansko (listed alphabetically). Most have English speaking staff. Contact us if you would like a personal referral.

DSK Bank

Bansko Branch

67 Tzar simeon

2770 bansko.

Tel: +359 74432426


First Investment Bank

Branches in Bansko

7 Glazne St.

2770 Bansko

Tel: +359 749 86 986

12 Demokratziya Sq.

2770 Bansko

Tel: +359 749 86 189

68 Tzar Simeon St.

2770 Bansko

Tel: +359 749 86 183


Piraeus Bank

Bansko Branch

100 Pirin Str

2770 Bansko

Tel: +359 749 878 65


Raiffeisen Bank

Irina Ruskova – Branch Manager

48 Tzar Simeon Str

2770 Bansko, Bulgaria

Tel. +359 749 81021

GSM: +359 884 301 513


Societe Generale Expres Bank Bansko

Bansko Branch

51 Tsar Simeon Str.

2770 Bansko, Bulgaria

Tel: +359 749 88840 to 42


Unicredit Bulbank

Bansko Branch

3 Pirin Str.

2770 Bansko, Bulgaria

Tel. +359 749 86 613